Saturday, March 3, 2007

Music: Download Oasis' 1998 unplugged show ... and don't look back in anger


Patch over at In Search of Arcadia has done Britpop fans a wonderful favor. He's posted MP3 links to every track from Oasis' 1998 MTV Unplugged set.

There are two great things about these tracks. The bulk of them are off What's the Story Morning Glory, my favorite Oasis album, and Noel Gallagher sings lead on all of them instead of lead singer Liam, who reportedly had laryngitis or some shit.

The tracks sound even better than I remember them. Noel's voice sounds great and the band is backed by some beautiful strings and horns.

Grab the track below and click here to download the entire set.

Oasis - 'Cast No Shadow' (Unplugged)


Patch said...

Cheers for sending people to my blog! I'd been searching for Unplugged FOREVER and happened to find it wandering around a totally unrelated message board! Hope you enjoyed...

Doris said...

This is great info to know.

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Oasis is my favorite artists, they are make alternative songs to the world for all people.

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