Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News: ‘Preacher’ coming to TV; Silly ‘Superman’ offer; Virgin Mary actress preggers

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HBO turning ‘Preacher’ comic into series reports that HBO is developing a series based on writer Garth Ennis' and artist Steve Dillon’s comic book "Preacher". There’s no casting news yet, but Ennis and Dillon are attached as co-executive producers. That’s the good. Here’s the bad: Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote the joyless “Daredevil” movie and the upcoming “Ghost Rider” film, is writing the pilot.
I’ve never read “Preacher,” but a friend has recommended I read it. The premise of the comic sounds in-triguing. It’s about a cursed and powerful preacher who goes on a journey, with his witty vampire friend in tow, to literally find God, who’s gone into hiding. The book is known for its social commentary and tack-ling heavy political and religious issues. It was also one of the first successful books on DC’s Vertigo line.
Fun fact: Apparently Kevin Smith was, at one time, attached to produce a feature film version of “Preacher” starring James Marsden a.k.a. Cyclops.

Wal-Mart/Warner screw up ‘Superman’ online offer

Sci-Fi Wire reports that Wal-Mart and Warner Bros. are offering customers who buy "Superman Returns" on DVD, released Tuesday, the opportunity to download the movie for use on portable devices for $1.95, computers for $2.95 or both for $3.95. This seems like a terrible way to venture into the movie downloading market, because only people who already bought the DVD can download the movie.
Why would anyone who al-ready owns the DVD, which can be easily ripped to a computer or even a portable device, want to pay to download it online? Also, you can’t play the downloaded version on Apple’s iPod. Wal-Mart hopes to expand the pricing model to other film and television content, apparently to further ignite the ridicule of, well, everybody who likes movies and TV.

16-year old Virgin Mary actress pregnant

In a bizarre case of life kinda imitating art, Keisha Castle-Hughes, he 16-year-old actress cast as the Virgin Mary in the upcoming “Nativity Story” film is pregnant. She plans to have the baby. The dad is her 19-year-old boyfriend. I wonder if the evangelicals will stop supporting this movie after this news spreads.
The movie, which is directed by McAllen, TX native Catherine Hardwicke ("Thirteen," "Lords of Dogtown"), is getting pretty mixed reviews. It opens this week.

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