Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News: 'X-Men' artist dies, Borat blamed for Pam/Rock split

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'X-Men' illustrator dies wearing Superman pajamas

The Washington Post reported today that X-Men comic book illustrator Dave Cockrum died this weekend at the age of 63. The Post reports that Cockrum, who co-created the characters Mystique, Storm and Nightcrawler among others, died wearing his Superman pajamas and with his Batman blanket.

Borat blamed for Anderson/Rock split

A "pal" of Pamela Anderson told the New York Post that Borat is to blame for the former Baywatch star's split with Kid Rock. According to the source, Rock was upset after a screening of "Borat," calling Anderson a "whore" and a "slut" for appearing in the film. Funny I would have thought she earned those names from a few other onscreen appearances.

'Half Nelson' 'Little Miss Sunshine' top Spirit Awards list

It looks like 2006 really is Steve Carell's year. (Wait, wasn't 2005 his year too?) reports "Little Miss Sunshine" tops the 22nd annual Independent Spirit Awards list of nominees, along with Ryan Gosling's "Half Nelson." reports that the late Robert Altman earned a Best Director nomination for "Prairie Home Companion," which looks like another great Altman film. I should have a review of the DVD release up soon. the Spirit Awards air on IFC on Feb. 24.

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