Friday, January 26, 2007

Morning Dose: Deluxe Beck; No Holmes in Dark Knight; Heroes death; Luke Cage movie; more


- Intercope is giving Beck's The Information the super massive deluxe treatment. Due Feb. 27, the three-disc release will include the original album plus three bonus tracks, remixes by Bumblebeez, David Andrew Sitek (of TV on the Radio) and others, and a DVD featuring a music video for every track, including Michel Gondry's clip for "Cell Phone's Dead."

- Giving more evidence to the Katie Holmes is brainwashed theory, the actress is skipping out on the Batman Begins sequel to star in something called Mad Money with Queen Latifah.

- EMI has merged the Capitol and Virgin record labels to form The Capitol Music Group.

- Which comic book-based films are nominated for Oscars? (Not X-Men 3).

- Speaking of comic books, fans can nominate their favorite comics and comic book creators for Eagle Awards, the comics industry's longest established awards voted on by fans. One question: Why is Vincent Gallo up for best comic villain?

-Tyrese and John Singleton talk about the upcoming Luke Cage movie.

- A major character is supposed to die on Heroes this season. God, please let it be Niki.

- Some idiots are circulating this petition to arrest Dakota Fanning's parents because of this movie.

-Will Britney Spears play a "raunchy bunch of sex mad aliens" on Dr. Who?

- Finally, somebody buy me this T-shirt. (Thanks Wil Wheaton!)

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