Saturday, January 27, 2007

TV: Heroes (1.12) - 'Godsend'


(Air date: 1/22/07)
There’s been tons of Heroes news since the series returned with a new episode on Monday.

TV Guide -- who will publish issues with four collectible covers featuring Heroes cast members next Monday -- reports that one of the series’ regular characters is heading for the grave. Also, Eric Roberts will join the cast in an upcoming sweeps episode and George Takei (Star Trek’s Sulu) is slated to guest-star as Hiro’s father. The series introduced another hero online, and launched the Heroes 360 experience (more on that after the review).

Heroes did well in the ratings battle against 24 on Monday and has been getting more attention from the press than ever before. It seems America has really fallen for one of our favorite new series. Is all this praise and attention deserved?

Well, yeah dude.

Heroes returned with one of its strongest, most entertaining episodes to date with “Godsend.” We picked up two weeks after the last episode with Hiro trying to steal a sword, Niki frightening jail guards, a comatose Peter having scary prophetic dreams, and a doped up Sylar stuck in a roach-ridden cell.

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Adrian said...

DUDE that was funny when Hiro stole the sword and it turned out to be a fake. So is that guy in the desert the guy that had radiation all over him?

mike said...

yep. desert guy is radiation guy.