Monday, January 8, 2007

News: Hiro speaks; Franz records; Shaun of the Grindhouse?; Casting news; Music of Men

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Masi Oka reveals all about Hiro

Did you know that Hiro wasn’t in the original draft of the Heroes pilot? Tim Kring, creator of the NBC series, added him as an afterthought. Did you know that Hiro will soon have another love interest on the show that isn’t named Charlie? Oh yeah, and Star Trek’s George Takei will play Hiro’s dad in upcoming episodes. Read Heroes star Masi Oka’s revealing interview with for more.

Franz Ferdinand in the studio

It looks like Franz Ferdinand will be heading into the studio soon for album no. 3. Lead Ferdinand Alex Kapranos told NME that he’s also producing the new album for UK trio The Cribs. Kapranos says his new Franz songs have a “rougher, rawer feel to them.”

Shaun of the Dead director joins Grindhouse just reported that Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright will direct one of the faux trailers for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming flick Grindhouse. It’s rumored that one of the trailers will feature Nick Cage turning into a werewolf. Sounds like fun.

Casting News

Kyrsten Dunst as Blondie’s Debbie Harry? She’s got the perfect face for it. Sophia Bush as Wonder Woman? She’s got the perfect … er … hair for it. What do you think?

Music of Men

Lastly, did anyone see Children of Men this weekend? (I’m working on my review, it should be up soon.) How about all that great music in the film? Donovan, the Libertines, Roots Manuva. I’m on a mission to track down down Franco Battiato’s version of “Ruby Tuesday.” Check out the hilarious, anti-child video below for Roots Manuva’s ”Witness." The song was featured early in the film.

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