Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Music: Meet the Thermals

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The Thermals’ latest album The Body, The Blood, The Machine has to be one of my favorites of last year. The Portland trio makes some of the most basic and most raucous punk rock I’ve heard in a long time and, somehow, they make it all sounds fresh, urgent and new.

How did I discover the Thermals? My love of the so-twee-they’ll-give-you-cavities collective All Girl Summer Fun Band led me to AGSFB member Kathy Foster’s home recordings with singer-songwriter Hutch Harris. The pair, recording as Hutch and Kathy, put out a great lo-fi record in 2002 and started the Thermals with Lorin Coleman as a fluke shortly after. Three albums later the Thermals is arguably their most successful project yet.

Consume the media below and tell me if you agree.


The Thermals – ‘Here’s Your Future'

The Thermals – 'A Pillar of Salt'

The Thermals – 'A Stare Like Yours'


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