Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Morning Dose: Sebadoh's back; New Modest Mouse track; Optimus Prime time; Spidey, Galactica news

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Sebadoh announces new tour dates

Just when you were getting over the shock brought on by the Dinosaur Jr. reunion, Sebadoh has announced a six-week reunion tour. Lou Barlow and crew will start out in San Diego on Feb. 26 and play a few more west coast dates after that. The band will hit Houston on Feb. 13 and Austin on Feb. 14. Here’s the itinerary.

Listen to new Modest Mouse track

A new Modest Mouse track called “Dashboard” was leaked online today. It sounds like Issac Brock has been digging his David Byrne record collection. Download it here.

Optimus Prime speaks

Everyone knows I’m giving the finger to the upcoming Michael Bay Transformers movie, but at least it brings back some nice nostalgia. Head over to the upcoming crapfest’s official Web site to hear Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen from the original series) say cool stuff like “It’s Prime Time.”

New Spider-Man 3 trailer

This new Japanes trailer for Spider-Man 3 (in English with Japanese subtitles) features Harry’s Goblin transformation and more on the black suit.

Sci-Fi renews Battlestar Galactica

Some fans were nervous about the fate of the Sci-Fi Channel’s best series, but I never had any doubt. Sy Fy Portal reports that Battlestar Galactica will be given the green light for a fourth season before the show returns to finish out season three later this month. Momentum for the announced Galactica prequel show Caprica is losing steam though. A source tells Sy Fi Portal that the show won’t turn up until 2008.

That’s all I have time for now. Well, that and this rockin’ Thermals track (“Here’s Your Future”) from Sub Pop. Enjoy.

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