Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TV: More on David Hewlett's Starcrossed

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Rodney McKay fans are in luck. David Hewlett, the actor who plays McKay on the Sci Fi Channel's Stargate:Atlantis, will write an upcoming half-hour comedy for the cable network.

The series is called Starcrossed and, according to Sci Fi, it will go behind the scenes of a long-running space opera. Sci Fi's press release for the series makes comparisons to The Larry Sanders Show and Galaxy Quest.

This series is sure to be fun if Hewlett's wit and top par geekiness are behind it. No word yet on whether Hewlett will star in the series, but I'm guessing he'll at last pop up onscreen a few times if he's not part of the regular cast.

Read Hewlett's blog post about the Sci Fi deal here and take a look at a clip from the film he wrote, directed and stars in below. It's called A Dog's Breakfast and it also stars Atlantis cast members Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett) and Rachel Luttrell (Teyla). It seems Starcrossed and Dog's share some themes.

is in development and is expected to air sometime this year. Stargate Atlantis returns with new episodes later this year.


windshieldbug said...

I am extremely excited to view both "Starcrossed" and "A Dog's Breakfast". Fans of David Hewlett (commonly refering to ourselves as Squirrels) have promoted the film and continue to promote the tv series. said...

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