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TV: Gilmore Girls (7.10) – ‘Merry Fisticuffs’

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(Air date: 12/5/06) Yikes. Things came to blows, again, between Luke and Christopher in the oddest and most unsettling display of fisticuffs I’ve seen in quite some TV time. As these two not-so-prize fighters slumped away from each other after their clumsy clash it was apparent that there’s a lot of unsettled, and ugly, business to be taken care of in Stars Hollow.

It’s telling that the fight was probably the highlight of Tuesday’s episode. It seems David S. Rosehthal, the new “Gilmore Girls” show runner who wrote tonight’s dreary episode, is set on delivering frustrating plots fueled by trite conflict and clichéd relationship problems. Almost everything in this ep rang hollow, including the comedy. You know someone’s phoning in the funny when we get countless minutes of Lorelai mouthing off to a caricature of a snooty Connecticut party planner right out of “Mad TV.” This witless exchange – a true rarity for “GG” – dragged on and set the tone for what was to come. This episode felt sleepy, very unlike the “GG” of old.

You know things are off when Emily starts making sense. Luckily, her unexpected words of wisdom explained Christopher's jealous behavoir. The guy isn’t just insecure about his marriage because of Lorelai and Luke’s mini baby bash outside of Dosey’s. He’s irrational, immature and insecure in general. Chris is a big kid who, apparently, still packs some of that loser skin I thought he’d already shed. It was great to see Emily clue Lorelai into this fact, especially since Emily spent most of the episode being the butt of some of Lorelai's lamest jokes ever. Compromise, Emily said, is not Lorelai’s strong suit, but it’s what keeps marriages going. I agree, but I doubt Lorelai will listen.

All season Lorelai has been acting more bratty and immature than ever. It used to be fun watching her respond to her parents’ smug inanities with clever one-liners, but not anymore. The cleverness has been replaced with foolishness, hardly a worthy substitute. Also, I foresee Lorelai trying to compromise with Chris – maybe even moving out of Stars Hollow – but it’ll be unnatural and it won’t last. Their marriage is doomed.

Also doomed might be Luke’s relationship with April. It was pretty unpleasant watching the guy suss out the upcoming custody battle against Anna. Let’s hope this doesn’t send Luke on a downward spiral – we already have to deal with Christopher’s.

And what’s with the forced conflict between Rory and Logan? I’m not buying Logan’s jealous streak, especially when it’s based on Marty’s crush on Rory. The Yale end of “GG” is starting to resemble other TV neighborhoods most of us wouldn’t care to visit – like “One Tree Hill” and “The OC.” (There’s a comparison I never thought I was gonna have to make). It’s too bad since I used to like Marty and I really like Lucy, but mostly because she's played by Krysten Ritter.

Someone find me David S. Rosenthal’s home address. I have a flaming brown paper bag with his name on it.

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Veronica said...

While I can't say that I agree or even like the idea that Chris and Lor's marriage may be doomed. (remember I have been a staunch supporter of their couple-dom for a long time.) I think that they both are too set in their own little stubborn "My way is the only way" ideaology. And yes, it is a sad, gloomy day in Gilmoreworld when the only likable character in this episode was Emily. As with the rest of your synopsis you pretty much are on the money. Gilmoreland is slowly losing it's appeal, in my eyes at least, as the wittiest place on earth.