Saturday, December 2, 2006

News: Who will be the next Spider-Man?

Originally uploaded by goldteethblog. reports that Tobey Maguire has mixed feelings about appearing in a fourth Spider-Man movie.
"This might be a good place to stop -- I am not tied contractually to any more Spider-Man movies," Maguire reportedly said. "I am not completely closed to the idea of another one if it made sense but I would say the odds were in favor of this being the last one."

Director Sam Raimi, who's done an amazing job helming all three Spider-Man flicks, has stated that he'd like to continue making Spidey flicks after "Spider-Man 3" is released next May.

So, today's fun casting question is: Who'll play the new Spidey/Peter Parker if Maguire bails but the series continues? Freddie Prinze Jr. hilariously campaigned for the role back before the first film was made, and it was rumored that Jake Gyllenhaal was in talks to replace Maguire when Maguire injured himself before the filming of "Spider-Man 2."

Here are, I think, a few of the likely candidates:

Milo Ventimiglia: At first glance the "Heroes" cast member might seem a bit too Teen Beat to play Peter Parker, but he's proved himself a gifted actor with a pretty wide range. His evolution from multisyllabic angsty teen to multisyllabic zen art space owner on "Gilmore Girls" was impressive. He was funny as a closeted gay guy in "Cursed." Also, his super-powered character on "Heroes" is a TV copy of Peter Parker. The character's name, Peter Petrelli, is a dead giveaway.

Jeremy Davies: Davies defintley has the look. He’s displayed the nerdy demeanor and the inner conflict needed to flesh out Peter Parker in a number of films (“CQ,” “Going All the Way,” “Spanking the Monkey”). Most people might know him from “Saving Private Ryan.” He might be too old, and too bizarre or intense, though. The guy did play Charles Manson once. (I also think Davies would be the perfect Young Spock).

Jake Gyllenhaal: The former poor man’s Tobey Maguire is the obvious choice. As stated above, he might have almost landed the part before. The A-lister has earned enough respect, and bank, for his work in films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Jarhead” that he might pass on a “number 4” movie if the offer comes his way.

Topher Grace: Yeah, I know, he’s playing Venom in "Spider-Man 3." But, if that was not the case I think he’d nail it.
So, who’d I miss? Who could fill Maguire’s shoes?

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MorbiusX said...

Raimi needs to take a cue from the Batman franchise and quit while he's ahead. Unless he's bold enough to go in different directions. With 3 he's running through too many villians. Venom was nice...but Sandman and HobGoblin to boot is too much. Carnage would be too repetitive, especially with all that cloning nonsense. Oh well...