Wednesday, December 6, 2006

News: 'Dante' gets animated; Mom calls cops on kid; Web site for wordies; Poehler disses Brit

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A strange take on 'Dante's Inferno'

Maybe because it's never been done before, filmmaker Sean Meredith's new take on "Dante's Inferno" features hand-drawn Vicortian-era style finger puppets, hand-made special effects, mini sets, street pimps and Strom Thurmond dressed as Mrs. Butterworth.

The film -- which looks visually stunning, dark and funny -- plays out more like a graphic novel with a modern urban jungle standing in for hell. Actors lending their voices to this strange reimagining include Dermot Mulroney as Dante and James Cromwell as Virgil. Watch the bizarre trailer here.

The film has been accepted to compete in January's Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

Kid arrested for playing with Christmas present reports that a woman in Columbia, South Carolina called the cops on her 12-year-old son for unwrapping and playing with his Christmas present, a Game Boy, early.

The kid snuck into his great-grandmother's house next door, where mom had stashed the presents, and opened the game. He was arrested on petty larceny charges Sunday. Mom waited until after church to pick him up from the pin.

Apparently the kid had been suspended from school earlier for taking a swing at an school police officer. Mom says he has ADHD.

Two questions: They still make Game Boys? And, is mom a bitch? Also, I used to do this kind of thing when I was a kid, only I used to unwrap the latest Pearl Jam or Guns n' Roses CD, or maybe an old school Nintendo video game. "Goonies" the game wasn't worth taking my mom's yelling, neither was "The Spaghetti Incident," but at least she never called the cops.

A Web site for 'wordies'

Any wordies out there? I have the perfect site for you. It's called, well, Wordie. It's like Flickr, but you post and share words instead of pictures of yourself in front of the bathroom mirror. My first word submitted to Wordie: efullgent.

Watch Amy Poehler's rant about Britney on 'SNL'

Just like Tina Fey used to do, Amy Poehler went off on Commando Brit this weekend with funny results. Watch the video here and consider: Is your "lady place" as big as a slice of New York Pizza or slim as a John Waters mustache?

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