Friday, December 8, 2006

News: Wil Wheaton really hates G4TV

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Former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast member Wil Wheaton (he'll always be Wesley Crusher to me) posted a fiery rant today about G4TV's plans to air "TNG" in the network's patented "2.0" format, which Wheaton calls ... wait for it ... "stupid bullshit."

The format change, which G4 currently uses for the original "Star Trek" series, means that "TNG" episodes will have to share screen space with a live chat scroll, trivia information and other visual features. Wheaton likens the format to sitting next to someone who won't shut up when your trying to get your "Trek" on. G4 will start airing "ST:TNG 2.0" in January.

Does anyone out there like the 2.0 format? I don't, but mainly because I own a 20-inch screen TV. Spock's ears look so small surrounded by all the stock tickers and such.

Maybe Wheaton's right, and the G4 folks should leave good enough alone. Hopefully the network will at least deliver some funny "TNG" inspired ads like this one.

Anyway, Wheaton's all over the Internet these days. Besides posting daily on his personal blog, the dude writes some great "TNG" reviews over at TV Squad and has a column about old school video games at The Onion A.V. Club. And, I've been meaning to grab a copy of homeboy's book "Just a Geek."

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jdorhn said...

is this a trend? does g4 do this with other shows besides star trek? i wanna say sci-fi and nick do it too. i don't think most people care for it.