Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Music: Meet Matt and Kim

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I'm not afraid to say it. Thank you MySpace and YouTube. (Now I feel dirty). I'm thanking these two services for tuning me into the brilliant and infectious musical dementia of Matt and Kim.

The Brooklyn duo just released its debut album on the iheartcomix label. (I just ordered mine, so expect a review to be posted soon.) Their sound? Kind of like Mates of State 2.0. That's a pretty superficial description, so I'll just relate that Matt and Kim boil down everything that's great about new wave and punk and deliver it in a catchy, simple, guitarless soup. Or cheese. Something tasty.

They also make hilarious music videos, which all seem to take place in someone's kitchen. Listen and watch for yourself below.

Matt and Kim - "Verbs Before Nouns"

Matt and Kim - "Yea Yeah"

Matt and Kim - "Silver Tiles"


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Assorted Video said...

Maybe it's just me but your page loaded up weird making me scroll for a while untill I got to the info.. I'm using firefox2 if that makes a difference or not.

Cool vids though,