Thursday, December 7, 2006

News: New 'Buffy' comic images

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I know, I know. Comic book adaptations of cult TV shows are, usually, the bottom rung of the medium. But "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon himself is writing and oversseing the "Buffy: Season 8" comic series set for release in March 2007 on Dark Horse. That means quality. posted an interview with Whedon today that features never-before-seen images from the upcoming comic.

I'm not so hot on the this possible cover, but the image above is pretty intriguing. It looks like Buffy and the slayerettes are goin' sci-fi.

Here are some quick points I plucked from the interview:

- The comic will be "canon" or official. Whedeon calls it "officially what happened after the end of the show."

- The first series should run between 20 and 30 issues and include issues written by former "Buffy" TV writers.

- The first issue will pick up several months after the show ended, with Buffy leading teams of about 1800 slayers.

- Spike and Angel will only make cameos, since their comic represenations aren't owned by Dark Horse.

- There are two Buffy clones running around.

- All the old characters will be back, but not at once

- Whedon loves "Battlestar Galactica."


adrian said...

yeah I read about this yesterday, I forget which website, it might have been, or One of those two. I just hope Wheeden makes another Serenity movie...I LOVED FIREFLY?? WHat did you think about it?

Anonymous said...

thats not the actual cover to the comic i guess the image with buffy in a like moron shirt and she is holding the scythe and lookin down thats the cover