Wednesday, December 20, 2006

News Bytes: 'Transformers' trailer; Rocky's KO; bad trailers; 'Buffy' writers

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Will the 'Transformers' trailer go online today?

It was reported earlier this week that Yahoo! Movies plans to post the official, full-blown "Transformers" movie trailer today. It's still not up, so if you're dying to see how bad Michael Bay screwed up your childhood memories, keep checking here throughout the day. Yahoo! says it should be up by noon today. Trust me, it'll be bad, but at least Tom Lenk ("Buffy's" Andrew) is in it.

'Rocky' knocking out critics

'Rocky Balboa,' released today, is surprisingly getting decent reviews. Even if the film is OK, should these critics really be encouraging Stallone? If they're not careful that "Rocky 5000" joke in "Spaceballs" won't be a joke anymore ... At least Milo Ventimiglia from "Heroes" and "Gilmore Girls" might become a household name if this film is a hit.

Who's bad? These filmmakers are

Tim Allen phoning it in, 80s-style excess, Sharon Stone spreading her legs (again!), and a fat orange cartoon cat destroying our fond memories of the same fat orange cartoon cat. Yep, it's another end-of-year list. This time, it's IFilm's Worst Movie Trailers of the Year. Watch one right here:

Brian K. Vuaghan, TV writers on board for 'Buffy: Season 8 'comic

Wow. News about the upcoming "Buffy: Season 8" comic keeps getting better. In an interview with Wizard, "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon announced some of the great talent that will work on the book. Brian K. Vaughan ("Ex Machina," "Y The Last Man"), Brad Meltzer ("Justice League of America") and Jeph Loeb ("Onslaught Reborn"), along with former “Buffy” TV writers Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Drew Greenberg and Steven DeKnight will contribute to the book.

Coming to Gold Teeth before the holidays

I'm hopping on a flight to New York City on Friday, but check back here before then for my review of "Battlestar Galactica's" mid-season finale, a new video by The Shins and more. Go eat your breakfast ...

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