Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Music: Meet Archive

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No, those aren't magicians up there, that's a band.

One of the kookier IT guys at my job turned me on to Archive. He described the London group as "Portishead meets Pink Floyd."

That's almost right, but I think Archive's scope is a bit broader. They're not nearly as morose as Portishead or as psychedelic as the Floyd. Wikipedia labels them "trip hop," and I can hear why, with all the soul, jazz and dance music influence in the band's material.

The band released its fifth album, "Lights," earlier this year and plan to tour the States, well, probably never. So consume the media below and pick up the record. It's good for daydreamin'.

(These are runnin' kinda slow, just give 'em a minute)
Archive - 'Sane'
Archive - 'System'


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