Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Music: Meet Saturday Looks Good To Me

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It's Wednesday, time to talk about a great band.

I've been a big fan of Saturday Looks Good To Me's garage punk meets Motown pop sound for years now. I even interviewed band leader Fred Thomas a while back.

The Detroit band has been quiet for a while, but a bulletin on its MySpace page -- where you can stream a few live tracks -- informs that the band just wrapped production on its new record, "Fill Up the Room," and has completed a low-fi, 4-track EP called "Green Mansions." According to the post, "Fill Up the Room" is "super weird and rules a lot." Sounds good to me.

My Favorite SLGTM album is probably the last one, "Every Night," which you can buy as a CD or an LP featuring different versions of the same songs and a few extras. I also dig the 2003 album "All Your Summer Songs." Listen and look for yourself below:

Saturday Looks Good To Me - "Lift Me Up"

Saturday Looks Good To Me - "Underwater Heartbeat"

Saturday Looks Good To Me - "The Girl's Distracted"

Rowdy live clip from Gothenburg, Sweden, Feb. 2005

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