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News: 'Firefly' fans, cast resurrect canceled convention

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I read a lot of posts this weekend about the canceled "Firefly/"Serenity" convention in Burbank, Calif. It seems the "Flanvention," a weekend long convention for fans that was to start last Friday, was abruptly canceled by Booster Entertainment on Thursday. The fans, who traveled to Burbank from all over the globe for this, still found a way to make it work with the help of the "Firefly" cast.

They scrambled up some cash and headed over to a West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday night to continue the convention. They were joined by "Firefly" cast members Nathan Fillion, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Michael Fairman (Niska), Mark Sheppard (Badger), Jonathan Woodward (Tracey), Yan Feldman (Mingo and/or Fanty), Christina Hendricks (YoSafBridge) and Claire (Glory) . Also along for the fun were actors James Leary ("Buffy's" Clem), Camden Toy ("Buffy"), Michael Muhney ( Sheriff Lamb on "Veronica Mars") and "Firelfy" score composer Greg Edmonson.

All these actors showed up for the fans, even though they weren't paid to do so because of the cancellation. "Firefly" cast member Jewel Staite (Kaylee) wasn't able to make the impromptu convention after hearing about the cancellation. On her blog, she writes about her confusion over the cancellation and goes on to write "A lot of us lost quite a bit on this thing ... (I actually declined an invitation to another event altogether and had to reschedule some other things that were very difficult to get around, but I really wanted to come)."

Apparently the persistent Browncoats, a.k.a "Firefly" fans, went on to schedule more events throughout the weekend with the help of the unpaid cast members. I love hearing stories about passionate fans keeping quality creations alive even after they've left the networks or movie theaters. As most of you know, I'm a big "Firefly" fan, even though I didn't start watching until after Fox canceled it. Browncoats are among the most die-hard fans out there. Their influence in getting the "Serenity" film made is documented in the new documentary "Done the Impossible."

Powerful fandom is good, but questions remain: Why was the "Flanvention" canceled? Where did the fans' money go? People are asking questions and the by now crashed Booster Ent. Web site isn't giving any clear answers yet. Booster posted an apology statement to fans. The statement says Booster is working on putting up a Web forum to answer questions. Let's hope everyone gets what they're owed here. Keep checking here or Whedonesque for any big updates. Below are some good posts and links about the event by actors and fans. Enjoy.

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lissamce said...

The "Firefly" cast just rocks -- look at them showing up anyway to an impromptu convention. No divas there.