Saturday, December 9, 2006

TV: Heroes (1.11) - 'Fallout'

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(Air date: 12/4/06) Instead of plopping down an over hyped bit of filler, Tim Kring and crew delivered the unexpected – another exceptional, eye opening episode laced with pleasures, surprises and even a bit of closure. What a marvelous way to cap the midseason and leave us wanting more until "Heroes" returns with new episodes Jan. 22.

This ep exemplified one of the hallmark rules of quality serialized storytelling: for every action, there's always a reaction, or consequences. They didn't title this one "Fallout" just for kicks.

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Jaime said...

We also need to keep in mind the "Radioactive Man" is still on the loose. I wonder if Peter eventually borrows his superpower like. It also seems that Peter is struggling to control his mimicing ability.